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54 West 21st Street, Suite 1010
New York, NY, 10010



We Specialize In The Most Natural-Looking Microblading Treatments For Brows, Eyeliner, Lips, And Hairline.

Locations: NYC and Chicago.


Ramon's musings on microblading treatments and his NYC and Chicago salon.

No To Blue Brows!

Ramon Padilla

Have you seen that person?  The one with the faded blue tattoo where her brow should be?  Or sometimes it is a red smear?

There are a couple of reasons why this happens, all of which are avoidable.

One reason is the type of pigment used.  The pigment needs to be stable.  Anything that is “natural” or “vegetable-based” is not an advantage with semi-permanent makeup, as their properties are more unpredictable and can result in color changes over time.

And it goes without saying, use pigments made specifically for semi-permanent makeup.  “Regular” tattoo pigments might be cheaper for a technician, but those are not made for your face (unless you are Mike Tyson LOL).

The second reason is that the colors were not mixed properly.  A good semi-permanent makeup technician also needs to be an amazing COLORIST.  They need to have be able to accurately read your skin undertones, and mix a pigment made specifically for you.  

The pigment interacts with your skin, so what translates as ash brown on one person may look completely different on another with a different skin undertone.  A good technician, like an artist, mixes in yellows, reds, and other pigments for the HUE that will work best with YOU.

(Do you have permanent makeup work that has changed color?  Not to worry, we can help there too.  Let my technicians take a look and we can come up with a solution!)

-- Ramon Padilla