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We Specialize In The Most Natural-Looking Microblading Treatments For Brows, Eyeliner, Lips, And Hairline.

Locations: NYC and Chicago.


Ramon's musings on microblading treatments and his NYC and Chicago salon.

Botched Microblading Ugh!

Ramon Padilla

I think by now we’ve all seen that picture of the poor client in Missouri who ended up with four eyebrows. It made national and international news, and maybe even put some people off to trying microblading. I truly feel bad for her, but in a way I’m glad that this news was spread far and wide. Because really, microblading results are only as good as the person who does the treatment!

Go to a reputable salon, ask for samples of work (before/ after, unfiltered). There are some therapists of course who are just starting out and might not have a deep book, and that’s ok. But request for a consultation and ask them to draw on your brows stroke-by-stroke. If they can’t draw a balanced and well-placed brow with a brow pencil, they certainly won’t be able to do it with the microblading tool!

Unfortunately we’ve been seeing more clients with botched work come to us to have their brows “fixed”. But wouldn’t it be better to have it done right the first time?

— Ramon

Hello GuyBrows!

Ramon Padilla

It’s about time!

It took us a while to perfect this— the big question was how to make the brow appear “untouched”, even with a starting point that could be almost-bare. It turns out that it takes even more technique to place Microbladed hair strokes so that they appear full and almost unruly. And no, we don’t just randomly add strokes to a brow, or else the result would be a hot mess.

Our GuyBrows are full, strong, and very, very natural-looking. We still create a shape, but avoid arches and tails. I’ve seen the results, and it’s always striking when put side-by-side with the “before” picture, but when you see the “after” on it’s own, you wonder— Was anything done?

Brows look stronger, eyes more alert, for our more mature male client, years just drop away. They just look… better!

We have a new GuyBrows IG too: @evertrue.guybrows Take a look and see what I mean.

— Ramon Padilla

Best Of New York 2019! From New York Magazine!

Ramon Padilla

I opened my copy of New York Magazine this morning and… EverTrue is on their Best Of New York list! Best Microblading for Asian brows.

We are over the moon, to be recognized by them. I’m especially thrilled since New York Magazine is such a cultural touch-stone for many New Yorkers, including me— I get all my information on what to do in this city from them!

Thank-you New York Magazine!

— Ramon Padilla

Lucky Brows?

Ramon Padilla

The Lunar New Year is right around the corner— February 5 to be exact— and we’ve had a rush of people coming in to get their brows done the new year starts. Many clients have told me, It’s for good luck! Well, is there such a thing as “Lucky Brows”?

We have a good friend who is a Feng Shui expert, and she says Yes! Brows that are full, with no gaps, are lucky. Brows that are “watery” and sparse are not lucky. Evenly balanced brows are lucky. Brows that have visible scars are not lucky. The luckiest brows for the Year of the Pig? Straight brows that look like the Chinese symbol for “one” (“—-”).

Do you believe it? I just think that anyone with beautiful brows (natural or via Microblading) is lucky!

— Ramon Padilla

Why We Don't Use Stencils/ Rulers

Ramon Padilla

I think using stencils or rulers to create brows are acceptable for beginners, but then quickly become a crutch.  Very few faces are symmetrical, and measuring out equal distances from a middle area will most certainly result in brows that do not look quite right for the face.  If a therapist new to Microblading needs some confidence in the initial treatments, by all means get it from rulers,  But with experience they should be able to draw perfectly balanced, proportioned brows that are right for the individual's face structure... freehand!

I don't think it's a lot to ask.  When did you ever see a top makeup artist use a stencil or ruler when drawing brows on their models?  It's not one-size-fits-all.

When we train we allow our newbies to draw brows in boxes for a few days, to help with their brow balance and proportion.  But when we move to real (3D) faces, we push them to use only their eyes.  If they can't create perfect brows each time, it's not up to our EverTrue standard.

-- Ramon Padilla

Microblading For Summer? Yes Of Course!

Ramon Padilla

Summer is a great time to do Microblading-- imagine keeping your perfect brows in the pool (not sitting by the pool, but IN the pool, swimming!) or at the beach.  Water or perspiration won't interfere with the perfection!

Let's just time your treatment around your vacation.  You will have to avoid strong direct sunlight for a week after the treatment-- note this doesn't apply to walking around Manhattan in the middle of the day, you will be fine with limited sun exposure!  But after the week is done... sun bathe!  Go sailing!  Spend the summer outdoors in the Hamptons/ the Islands/ the South Pacific!  Your brows will be there with you.

-- Ramon Padilla


Ramon Padilla

There seems to be a downside to the exploding popularity of Microblading over the past few years: some bad Microblading work.  We are seeing more clients come in with brows that need help after less than professional service from other places: uneven brow shapes, too-thick strokes, pigment that has changed color.

Don't despair, often these situations can be fixed!  We cannot remove what's already there, but can work around it.  We add strokes to balance out brows, or move an arch, or just improve the overall esthetics.  We can mask too-thick strokes with finer ones.  We can add individual strokes to brows whose pigment has spread (the effect is like having brow powder on).

What we can't help with: very, very dark strokes that have spread, the dreaded "marker brows".  For these we have to wait until they have faded.

Wherever you decide to get your Microblading, please do the research on the Specialist.  And ask them to draw on both brows, stroke-by-stroke with a brow pencil.  If they can't do this with a brow pencil, chances are they won't be able to do it with the Microblading tool.

And... please don't let this dissuade you from having the treatment done!  The results, when done right, are spectacular.

-- Ramon Padilla


Ramon Padilla

NYC and Chicago are amongst the most beauty-advanced cities in the USA-- especially NYC!   We (and yes I include myself in this haha) can have beauty/ grooming regimens that in other cities may elicit gasps, but here it's just basic maintenance!

So how to fit in your EverTrue treatments with: facials, tanning, hair color, brow threading, laser treatments, chemical peels...  Botox covered in a previous post.

Facials: AVOID two weeks Before AND After Microblading.  Intensive facial treatments can make your skin thinner and more sensitive, resulting in more bleeding which in turn affects color retention.

Chemical Peels/ Laser Treatments: AVOID four weeks Before AND After Microblading.  Same reason as Facials.

Hair Color: do BEFORE Microblading.  We will match your brow to your hair color.  But let us know your real hair color as it helps us analyze your skin Fitzpatrick level.

Tanning: do anytime, but let us know your original/ true skin color (show us a picture or patch of skin that is not tanned), which will help us mix the brow color that will look good even after the tan fades.

Brow Threading/ Shaping: This is part of our treatment, so no need to groom your brows!  And when you return to your regular brow threader, ask them to follow the shape we created.

Any specific scenarios, other more esoteric treatments, etc., please feel free to call and ask us!

-- Ramon Padilla


Ramon Padilla

We just finished training four additional Specialists on our Hairline Rescue treatment.  It's our second most visited section in our website, after Bespoke Brow Microblading, which is not a surprise to me as 1 our of 4 women in the USA experience some sort of hair loss (as for the men, well it's probably 4 out of 4 for us!).  

The results are amazing-- we re-create the hairline, stroke-by-stroke, replicating hair.  Transparency disappears.  Check out some before/ after photos in our IG: @evertruesalon and @hairline.rescue.

If you don't need the entire hairline reconstructed, we can focus on areas like temples and hairline part.  Yes, there is a solution!

-- Ramon Padilla


Ramon Padilla

Don't worry, your secret is safe with us!  But please wait until after Microblading until you do your Botox treatment.  Here's why: if you Botox before Microblading, we will create your brow based on your Botoxed features, but once the effects of Botox wear off, then the brow placement may not settle where you want it.

So, Microblade first.  Your doctor will be able to determine where to place the Botox injections without altering the brow position.  And should you decide to cease Botox treatments, brows will settle at their original balanced position.

-- Ramon Padilla


Ramon Padilla

Short answer, no!  On a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of "discomfort" (ok, ok, in terms of "pain"), brow microblading is a 1 or a 2 when done with an experienced specialist.  I stress the experienced part, because topical numbing creams only last for a certain period of time, e.g. 90 - 120 minutes, and if your Specialist takes longer than that to microblade your brows, the numbing starts to wear off and then... well, you start to feel things.

Also, topical numbing doesn't penetrate very deep into the skin, so a Specialist with a light hand will keep the strokes right at the surface.

The biggest distraction, at least for me?  The sound of the tool doing its work, which is a odd scratching sound.  That is, until I fall asleep, or put my earbuds on.

Post-treatment there might be a little soreness for a few hours as the brow swelling decreases.  But keep the brow moisturized (at EverTrue we provide a soothing Healing Cream) and it won't bother you at all.

So, really nothing to be scared about!

-- Ramon Padilla


Ramon Padilla

I just spent a week working out of our Chicago salon-- it's always so amazing to be there!  Don't get me wrong, I love New York, and this is where EverTrue was born.  But in Chicago stress just seems to melt away (granted there's a high level to begin with, for everyone who lives in NYC)-- the streets are clean, people are super-friendly, food portions are plentiful...

And there's a LOT of interest around Microblading.  I can't tell you the number of times I've heard Chicago people say, I've been wanting to do Microblading but I don't know where to go!  What they are really saying is, I don't know anyone personally who has done it yet...

It's our mission to make Microblading part of every person's beauty / grooming regimen.  I know that anything new takes a little time to take hold, and sometimes it's the one brave soul who tries something new, loves it, then friends/ family/ co-workers follow (that's certainly how we got to doing 80+ Bespoke Brow treatments in NYC a week!).  I hope the beautiful people of Chicago will give us a try!

-- Ramon Padilla


Ramon Padilla

I like to see what other Microblading specialists are doing across the USA and around the world. The category is growing so rapidly as more people discover the amazing-ness of Microblading.  Amongst the specialty salons and practitioners, we are all supportive of each other-- it's less about competition and more about spreading the word of this fantastic treatment that so few (comparatively) have heard about.

But then occasionally I stumble across websites that read eerily familiar.  And then it hits me: their copy is lifted VERBATIM from the EverTrue website!  Alas this has happened more than once, in fact just this week I found three websites (two in LA and one right here in NYC) that contained entire paragraphs lifted directly from ours.

What to do?  I email the owners directly and ask them to revise.  Sometimes they realize their mistake (did they not know plagiarism is not ok?) and comply, other times they just ignore.  It's such a shame that this happens.  But I guess when you do something very well, copycats come out of the woodwork!

-- Ramon Padilla


Ramon Padilla

What's the uncomfortable part of getting Bespoke Brows?  Many clients think it's not the procedure, but the aftercare!  We asked clients to avoid exposing their brows to water while the skin heals, and instead accelerate the healing with a specially-made serum and cream.  But I know, not being able to wash your brows can be a pain, and huge imposition to your daily routine.

So, we spent the last few months we worked on new pigments that allow for easier aftercare, while still giving the best and most natural-looking color results.  We also worked on a new aftercare cream.  And I'm pleased to announce that with these changes, our aftercare now allows for clients to wash their face, including the brows, right after the treatment!

You still need to be careful-- no soap or shampoo on the brow area, and do not rub or scratch it at least until it is fully healed.  Also, no swimming, to avoid getting chemicals on the brow while it is healing. And no brow makeup.

But this new aftercare is much more hassle-free, right?

-- Ramon Padilla

Training Microblading Specialists!

Ramon Padilla

This week we started training our newest batch of Microblading specialists, three for our NYC salon and two for Chicago.  It's a long road ahead for these talented individuals, and the next three weeks training in our NYC salon are crucial.  

Our Training Director Michelle Wu has a comprehensive three-week plan for them-- fifteen days, 8-10 hours a day (I always wonder how other trainers can train in two or three days, that's barely scratching the surface!).

They will go through theory and drawing lots and lots of balanced brows-- on paper, on leather, on mannequins, and finally on real people.  Michelle scrutinizes each stroke, and teaches them our EverTrue "trade secrets" on how to create brow shapes with strokes best suited for Microblading. Clue: there is a lot of structure to brows, and it's not about having a "free hand".  Each stroke has a proper position.

And then, the models. At least 16 models for each of them, of varying skin types and brow situations.  Nothing replaces hands-on experience. No theory can replace working with real-live people.

So, wish them luck!  And meet them soon in our NYC or Chicago salons at the end of October!

-- Ramon Padilla

Our New Ombre Brows

Ramon Padilla

Have you seen our new Ombre Brows?  It's a more defined, make-up look, with the ombre effect that opens up the face.  We spent months researching the best method to create the look, adjusting the treatment method to give the best results.  We even experimented on ourselves, so in the beginning if you visited our salon you'd notice me and my team walking around with somewhat off-looking brows haha.  Perfection does take time.  But finally-- they look amazing!

I think they also are a better option for clients who have darker skin tones, where individual Microblading strokes can't be clearly seen.  And also for those with thicker existing hair, for the same reason.

For our Ombre Brows, we use a single-needle machine instead of our Microblading tool.  It's the only way to get the tiny points of pigment that create the ombre "just right". 

Give it a try!

-- Ramon Padilla



Ramon Padilla

Our Chicago salon is now open!  

Why Chicago?  Well for one it's a beautiful city, especially in the summer.  It's also the "capital" of the midwest, a cosmopolitan city full of women (and men) who are VERY beauty-savvy, and searching for treatments we offer.  Microblading isn't even a new concept here, although there are very few places that offer the treatment.

So just like what we did in NYC two years ago, we want to make Microblading mainstream in Chicago!  

Our salon is located at 67 E Oak Street, right across the street from Tom Ford and Dolce & Gabbana, natch (not in my price range, but it's nice to look at the store windows).  We are on the fourth floor of a small building that is full of beauty!  Across the hall from us is Lisa's Nail Salon, downstairs is Blow By Blow, A blow dry bar.  And there is a barbershop and a spa too. 

Jackie Lum, our super-talented Brow and Eyeliner specialist who has been with EverTrue since we opened (and whom I've known for years), has relocated to Chicago.  We will offer only the same quality standard we offer in NYC.

We are so excited to be here!

-- Ramon Padilla


Ramon Padilla

The term "brow tattoo" seems so dated now, and really techniques and pigments and tools and after-care have improved significantly over the past years.  We do get clients who had permanent makeup done quite a bit of time ago, using tattoo machines.  Pigment sometimes is still very much visible, and often the color has changed, or the strokes have "spread" to big blocks, or their facial structure has changed and now the brows are visibly lopsided.  They are dissatisfied with what they see and are looking for options!

Short of tattoo removal, we can't change what is already there.  But we can use Microblading over and around the existing work to refresh it or to hide it.  We can add individual strokes over a faded tattoo, so the effect looks like brow powder under brow hairs.  We can even change the brow shape, by adding strokes to key areas, like the arch and tail.

If you are looking for a refresh, I suggest to come in for a consultation first (it's free!).  We will use a brow pencil to draw on the Bespoke Brow on your existing work, and you can see what the results will look like, before deciding to proceed. 

-- Ramon Padilla

The Perfect Consultation

Ramon Padilla

What goes into a perfect Bespoke Brow consultation?  First we want to hear from you, and what your expectations are.  Some clients bring in photos, or pencil in their brows to show what they are used to. Usually it is enough to describe what you want, or just leave it to us.

We then take our own brow pencil, and DRAW the brow on your face.  We draw each stroke and both brows so you can see the overall effect and balance.  This is very important.  And if you are doing a consult elsewhere, insist on the specialist drawing BOTH brows and drawing each stroke.  If they can't do it with a brow pencil, they certainly won't be able to do it with the microblading tool!  

Every face is structured differently, and so every brow is different too.

We also discuss color, what is most appropriate for your hair color and skin tone/ undertone.

And we review the entire procedure, and answer any questions.  The whole consult usually takes 30 minutes.

We love doing consults-- when clients see what is possible, the excitement is palpable!

-- Ramon Padilla

Have You Read Vogue Recently?

Ramon Padilla

Vogue has a great article about Microblading in their March issue, with Lena Dunham getting her eyebrows microbladed with fantastic results!  We are thrilled that microblading is making it to "mainstream" media, because well it's about time!  

Personally, I'm convinced that microblading will be as popular as threading/ tweezing in about five years.  In other parts of the world (e.g. Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea), that's already the case.

Microblading is still a little bit of a mystery to many.  Here's a good way to make is less mysterious: come in for a complimentary consultation with us.  One of our brow specialists will walk you through the entire process.  And will also use a brow pencil to draw on the Bespoke Brow, so you can see what the results will look like before you decide to proceed.  And it's free (I guess that's what "complimentary" means haha).  

-- Ramon Padilla