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54 West 21st Street, Suite 1010
New York, NY, 10010



We Specialize In The Most Natural-Looking Microblading Treatments For Brows, Eyeliner, Lips, And Hairline.

Locations: NYC and Chicago.


Ramon's musings on microblading treatments and his NYC and Chicago salon.

So How Long Does The Bespoke Brow Last?

Ramon Padilla

One of the biggest questions about our Bespoke Brow (and semi-permanent makeup in general) is… So how long do the results last??

The short answer is: Up to 18 months for brows.

But really, it could be less and it could be more, before the brows fade to become invisible to the naked eye.

Think of the Bespoke Brow as a beautiful bright shirt.  If you wear it once a year, in the middle of the night, indoors in the dark, then it will probably maintain it’s vibrant color for a LONG time.  But if you actually USE it, then the bright color (whether the fabric is cotton, polyester, neoprene, etc.) gradually fades.

It’s the same with semi-permanent makeup.  Exposure to the sun, most of all, slowly softens the pigment.  This is true whether you are on the beach, walking the streets of our busy city, or even just standing beside a sunny window.

Washing your face, exfoliation, facials, rubbing your brows when you wake up, face-palming when your boss says something ridiculous, all of this contributes to the gradual erosion of the vibrancy of the color. 

So, unless you are a vampire who never showers, the brow will fade.

But we don’t see this as a negative.  As we age our faces structure changes, and brow shape should adjust to take this into consideration. Brow styles also change (albeit they change slowly)— perhaps the flat brows so popular in Asia now will be all the rage in 2020 NYC.

And by the way, you can always come in every so often for a Tune-Up, to restore the vibrancy of a newly-created Bespoke Brow (and visit us too!).

— Ramon Padilla